[Me on the beach - pics]

About Julia...

Aloha! My given name is Julia. I'm fond of it; please don't call me "Julie." To many I'm known as Eclipse or Julieclipse (and sometimes Nai`a--Hawaiian for "dolphin," or Zanai, from my conlang kika.).

My birthday is the 20th of January.

I was born in Montana, but I grew up in rural Missouri, U.S.A., out in the country enough to see brilliant stars at night, and to keep many pets - a variety of chickens, two cats (Oracle and Seeker), and a Border Collie named Mercy. Now I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where I recently graduated from New College.

I had time for the pets and much more because I left school when I was ten, and got to do almost whatever I wanted. I spent a delightful seven years that way. I have many wonderful memories from that time, and I remain part of the homeschooling/unschooling community.

I'm blessed with a community of friends all around the world.

To learn more about my interests, explore these pages. If you want to know about my everyday life, you can browse my photo journal (updated sporadically) and my blog (updated rarely) and my Diaryland Journal (updated often).

There are many ways to get in touch with me.

The front door leads back outside.