[Julia & chicken Twilight]

You are standing in a beautiful little area, securely fenced in, and full of grass and flowers and various critters. These are Julia's non-human companions, and all of them are quite willing to visit for a while, if you have the time.


The chicken hut catches your eye first. It's a small brown building, with a fence around the yard outside. The hut has windows in it, two doors (hen sized and human-sized).. inside are four nestboxes, filled with straw and a few small brown eggs; there are also a few sets of perches for the girls to sleep on at night. The chickens themselves are outside, ranging about and engaging in various activities.


In the yard beyond the chicken pen, a black and white Border Collie is romping happily in the grass. On seeing you, she runs up to offer you her Frisbee, brown eyes pleading with you to play with her.

In a cool, open shed in another corner of the yard, a fluffy rabbit looks out at you from a roomy wire cages.

The shed also contains food for all the critters, a small shelf of books on petcare, a set of shelves containing a photo album of the chicken's baby pictures, and a set of photos labled as a tribute to Friendly.

Beyond it lies Julia's personal-house, with two cats sitting in the window, watching the events going on outside (with particular attention to the birdfeeder!)

[cat in a bag]

A door leads back back.