Julieclipse's Friends
I switch between real names and chosen names. Get over it. If I inadvertantly left you out, or if you want a different name used, or a page linked to, or a picture of you added, or anything, e-mail me. The people listed here are biased towards people who have a web presense of some kind, rather than the people I actually spend the most time with.
Ryan is the love of my life; you can read Ryan's Diaryland diary. He also has a homepage with little on it

And what's Ryan without HIS two best friends, Cliff and Tim? Together they form the fearsome Trinity. Let me say, Ryan has excellent taste in friends and I'm lucky to know these two. And lucky they like me.

Tina C and I have been best friends since we were in Kindergarten together! We've been through some hard times, but we love eachother to death and I know we always will. We shared our childhood and have tons of good memories. We've kind of followed different pathes in life, but we get together whenever we can. She has threebeautiful children, David, Erin and Clair. Then there's the beautiful and wicked Oregano Spice and her partner in crime, Pairodox, both of whom are New College friends--and close ones. They don't have pages, the fools.
Arcanologist is a wise and sensitive-yet-tough soul. Te tells of toi adventures on toi diaryland page. I met Platypus on my first day at Not Back To School Camp. He's one of the kindest people I know, and one that I share values and outlooks with that I share with few others. He's quiet and perceptive, a wiz with computer networks and cats, and a joy to spend time with. He's also kind enough to have set up this server.
I finally got to meetCharlie (good friend of Platty & yet another camper) in the flesh when I went to the West Coast, Jan 02002, and I'm glad I did. Read his page. It's full of strange and clever things. Arianna is another friend from Not Back, although I've never met her in real life. Ari's another computer geek, and just as skilled with a musical keyboard as a computer one, if I'm to judge from the CD she sent me. She takes at least as much delight in the varied languages of the world as I do, and is one of the best listeners I know.
In fact, I have a lot of friends from Camp. Adriyel, Becca, Rosie, Shad, Tia Turquoise and I shared a special relationship for four years, and are still friends. He shaped my life a great deal. Particularly, he directed my attention towards the dolphins...
Thermoriax Technodragon was wise and brilliant mother, sister, and teacher to me. She and Turquoise are very close, and after he and I broke up, Therm and I lost touch. I think of her often and hope she is well. Jennifer (Buran) and Steve are friends of Turquoise. We had some fun times, all going out together.
Of course, I also made friends when I came to New College. Eliza was my first roommate, although we saw distressingly little of eachother, we'll always be roomates. Doug
Ben and Alison... Willow
Kim Mike
Sara Wendi is a colleague (though older and more experienced than I) in the field of dolphin research. Great webpage, be sure to check out her thesis!
Ali (Ophelia Blossom) showed up at New College. I can't help but think of her as cute bundle of red hair and giggles and energy, but she's much more. I wonder where she is now? Ophelia's Dreamland (a more recent page used to be here, but seems to be gone now).
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