Things I can do now (at least in a basic form)

Draw from life & my mind with pens, pencils, watercolor, acrylics, oil & chalk pastels
Speak Hawaiian conversationally
Perform a literature review
Design a cognitive psychology experiment
Sculpt with polymer clay
Warp a loom and weave something
Spin on a drop spindle.
Knit or crochet something fairly straight
Basic Sprang
Make clothing out of rubber innertubes
Pin an insect & identify it to order (by memory) and family (with guidebook)
Hem stitch, sew buttons, basic sewing machine work
Swim the breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, freestyle
Type in both qwerty and dvorak at around 70-80 wpm
Remember and record my dreams consistently
SCUBA dive (open water)
Ride a bike (at least 20 miles, roughly 6mph)
Write & recite poetry
Write short stories
Write APA-style papers
Recognize most (northern hemisphere) constellations
Give a presentation (w/ power point)
Play the harmonica (simple songs and riffs; pure notes, bent notes)
Play a bamboo flute (simple songs)
Play fairly advanced sheet music on the piano
Train a dog in basic obediance and Dog Agility
Raise and care for chickens
Create a text adventure game with AGT
Fingerspell in the American, English, and Russian Manual Alphabets
Read and write the sounds of the Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew alphabets
Make string figures (about a dozen)
Consistantly chart my fertility cycles
Cook & bake from recipes, from memory, and creatively (vegetarian and vegan)
Create comics
Raise mealworms and waxmoth larvae
Recognize, gather and prepare edible plants in the American Midwest and Florida
Use Microsoft office, SAS, DOS, windows, MacOS, QuickBasic
Basic general and organic chemistry lab procedures
Very basic carpentry
Keep my livingspace fairly neat and clean
Juggle three small objects (the three-ball cascade)
Communicate with blissymbolics
Recite pi to 25 digits
Compose simple western tonal music
Lay and interpret a Tarot spread (celtic cross)
Spin with a drop spindle
Contact juggle - the one-handed windshield wiper
juggle two balls in one hand (either one)
Beginning bellydance
Organic Chemistry product predictions & reaction mechanisms
a bit of origami
Read/Write Gregg shorthand
Keep track of and manage my money
cut hair
Recognize a variety of local birds by sight and sound
Make pine needle baskets
Things I'm learning to do (but haven't mastered the basics of)

Become lucid in my dreams frequently
Meditate consistently and deeply
Drive a car
Set up and sail a small sailboat
Read braille by sight (by touch)
Hold my breath for 3 minutes or more
Write with my left (non-dominant) hand
Read and write the sounds of the hiragana and katakana syllabaries
Read and write the sounds of the Arabic alphabet
Speak Spanish
Speak Russian
Speak Japanese, Indonesian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Maori, Quechua
Sew properly sized and sturdy clothing from patterns
Use linux
SCUBA dive (advanced...)
High dive
Consult the I Ching from memory
Calculus, trigonometry
Invest money wisely and conscientiously
Pottery on a wheel
Whistle tunes, songs
Sing in tune
Interpret an astrological natal birth chart
Bike repair
Apply make-up (well.  Glamour, stage, costume, etc.)
Build sandsculptures
Communicate in morse code
candle making
Things I can't do yet at all (but would like to)

Tapestry weaving
The butterfly swimming stroke
Play the harp
Program in C++
Make polymer clay millefiori
Spin on a spinning wheel
Fly a small plane
Fly a hotair balloon
Speak Swahiili
Speak Arabic
Speak Mandarin Chinese
Bead weaving
Feng Shui
Speed read
Ride a unicycle
Circular breathing
Know the periodic table from memory
Be able to recreate a map of the US with states & capitols
Start a business or organization
Program my Apple IIe in assembler
Play the ukulele
Play the guitar
Perform for money on the street
Card tricks
Quote Shakespeare fluently
Play go (and win occasionally)
Mimic birdcalls
Project my voice
Wiggle my ears
Read and write the sounds of the Cherokee syllabary
Keep bees
Type on a one-handed (chorded) computer keyboard (like the Bat)
Hang glide
Surf (and skimboard)
Have mutual (shared) dreams
Build a house
Western massage
Blow glass
Ride horses
Fold napkins
Puppetry (work a marionette well)
read lips
Ham radio (licensing)
Roller coaster expertise
Shadow puppets
Architectural drafting
Competant first aid (w/ all certifications)
Make jewelry (metal, like silver)
Sword fight
Ballroom dancing
Model train set up, etc
kite building, flying, fighting
pumpkin & melon carving
historic reenactment
gingerbread houses
paper making
model rocketry
balloon animals
soap making
knife throwing
cake decoration
flower preserving
Basic movie making/video recording
Semi-old-fashioned photography
grind lenses
stamp collecting
coin collecting
Meteorology & weather prediction
Make chainmaille