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Julieclipse's photo journal Yes, those dates are supposed to read 02001.
Halloween 01999
My first Halloween at New College
25 December 02000
Christmas at home
20 January 02001
J's 19th Birthday
05 February 02001
First Day of Spring Classes Walking trip
14 February 02001
Valentine's visit to TECO powerplant
17 February 02001
Valentine's PCP
04 March 02001
Sarasota Medieval Fair!
11 April 02001
Class visit to The Living Seas at EPCOT.
14 April 02001
FMMSA meeting!
28 April 02001
Class visit to see Beggar the dolphin.
30 Jun 02001 - 03 Jul 02001
First boat trip on the R/V Suncoaster.
October 02001
Halloween Rocky Horror Picture Show index of pictures.
January 02002
Trip to the West Coast index of pictures in temporal order.
February 02002
Islands of Adventure photo index
01 March 02002
Valentines Rocky Horror Picture Show
March 02002
Medieval Faire
March 02002
Miami Seaquarium
Ren Faire Jan 03 at Ft. Meyers

I have all of these photos and more stored at PhotoAccess.com. You have to have an account to save other people's photos, which I dislike. If you want digital copies of any of the photos there and don't want to get a photoaccess account (they're free), e-mail me and I'll send it to you privately. On the plus side, they offer services that I can't, such as ordering prints. They provide unlimited storage space, and convenience.

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