Poetry, Volume I
I've written poetry for some years now, although less so recently. Here you will find a select sampling, arranged loosely chronologically. The astrisked (**) poems are my favorites... the others I rather like or tolerate, but those I love.
  1. **OceanPoem
  2. Broken Tautology
  3. **In the Sand
  4. **Arbitrary Memory
  5. But you promised
  6. **Are You Receiving?
  7. **Frequency Seeker
  8. Press a Key
  9. Looking for Something
  10. have held a dream...
  11. Slow connection
  12. Because if...
  13. -Pink-flamingo signal-
  14. Purple
  15. Something I.
  16. **In Tribute(sort of)
  17. **Five Minutes of Summertime
  18. **Information Addiction
  19. Into Darkness (cultural evolution)
  20. If Color
  21. Resonance Point (strawberries)
  22. Untitled 04/29/97
  23. Simply Wild
  24. Untitled 05/15/98
Above poems are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission.
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