The Library

You enter a vast library, full of bookshelves filled with wonderful books. Large windows let in sunlight, making the room a bright and pleasant reading atmosphere.. Cozy chairs are scattered in little nooks throughout, accompanied by small tables with potted plants, empty notebooks and pens. A few intricate paintings of dragons hang on the walls between the bookshelves. And of course, there are two beautiful resident cats, sweet Seeker lazing in the corner, and sleek Oracle exploring the hidden cranies of the bookcases.

Hanging up on a bulletin board on the wall beside the door are a few sheets of typed paper, stapled together. The header across the top reads Julia's Reading List.

Next to this hang some papers exclaiming Cetacean books! with an arrow pointing to a whole shelf full of the same.

Come in, sit down, help yourself to a few literary delights...Julia's own endeavors in wordsmithing.

Short Stories
Crossing Over - 11/April/1997. Dolphin-people might like this one..
Loneliness Retrospect - 17/August/1997. another dolphin/ocean theme. I think the song in this story probably sounds a lot like Grant's Shower Curtain Eyes. I would love to hear it.
Cognitive Psychology Exam III - A story written as an exam, a love story about cognitive psychology. Yes, there are dolphins in this one too. And you might learn a little something from it.
A Little Mermaid 2/March/2003. A fable.

Earliest Poetry - from 1994, the year I was 12
Poetry, '95-'99 Collection
Poetry, '00-pres Collection
Tides of Lost Delphinic Dreams
Hear me recite my poems! (formerly at my mp3.com site)

Papers (non-fiction)
Dolphin Whistled Vocal Behavior
Instar Project Proposal
Actions That Aren't: features of speech events in textual conversation
Dolphin Media Project Proposal/Example

This work is copyright Julia Orth, and may not be used without express permission.

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