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This collection would not exist in nearly so nice a form without Trisha's bibliographies.

(alphabetical by author's last name)

  • Ackerman, Diane. The Moon By Whale Light
  • Alpers, Antony. Dolphins: The Myth and the Mammal
  • Beilenson, Nick. Celebrating Whales: An Introduction to Cetaceans
  • Boeri, David. People of the Ice Whale
  • Brower, Kenneth, and William R. Curtsinger. Wake of the Whale
  • Brown, Robin. The Lure of the Dolphin
  • Cahill, Tim. Dolphins (companion to MacGillivray Freeman IMAX Dolphins film)
  • Carter III, Samuel. The Happy Dolphins.
  • Carwardine, Mark. Eyewitness Handbook: Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
  • Catton, Chris. Dolphins.
  • Center for Action on Endangered Species. The Whalebook
  • Cochrane, Amanda ,and Karena Callen. Dolphins and Their Power to Heal
  • Coffey, David J. Dolphins, Whales and Porpoises: an encyclopedia of sea mammals
  • Collet, Anne. Swimming With Giants: my encounters with whales, dolphins, and seals [advance reading copy]
  • Connor, Richard C., and Dawn Micklethwaite Peterson. The Lives of Whales and Dolphins.
  • Cousteau, Jacques-Yves, and Philippe Diolé. Dolphins
  • Cousteau, Jacques-Yves and Yves Paccalet. Whales
  • Crail, Ted. Apetalk & Whalespeak: The Quest for Interspecies Communication.
  • Darling, James, and Flip Nicklin. With the Whales
  • Day, David. The Whale War
  • Devine, Eleanore and Martha Clark. The Dolphin Smile: twenty-nine centuries of dolphin lore [first printing]
  • Dietz, Tim. Tales of Whales
  • Dobbs, Horace E. Follow a Wild Dolphin
  • Dobbs, Horace E. Dance to a Dolphin's Song
  • Doyle, Mark. Celebrating 50 Wyland Whaling Walls.
  • Earle, Sylvia A. Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans.
  • Fichtelius, Karl-Erik, and Sverre Sjolander. Smarter than Man? Intelligence in Whales, Dolphins and Humans.
  • Forestell, Paul, and Gregory Kaufman. Hawaii's Humpback Whales. [signed]
  • Gawain, Elizabeth. The Dolphins' Gift.
  • Glueck, Nelson. Deities and Dolphins: The story of the Nabataeans
  • Gubbins, Cara M. The Dolphins of Hilton Head.
  • Harrison, Richard, and M. M. Bryden, eds. Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises.
  • Hart, Stephen. Scientific American Focus: The Language of Animals.
  • Howard, Carol J. Dolphin Chronicles
  • Hoyt, Erich. Orca; the whale called killer
  • Hoyt, Erich. Riding With the Dolphins
  • Hoyt, Erich. Meeting the Whales
  • Hunter, Robert and Rex Weyler. To Save a Whale: The Voyages of Greenpeace
  • Kellogg, Winthrop N. Porpoises And Sonar
  • Krone, Chester. The World of the Dolphin
  • Lilly, John C. Communication Between Man & Dolphin
  • Lilly, John C. Lilly on Dolphins
  • Lilly, John C. The Mind of the Dolphin
  • Lilly, John C. Man and Dolphin
  • Mann, Janet; Connor, Richard C.; Tyak, Peter L.; and Whitehead, Hal. Cetacean Societies: field studies of dolphins and whales
  • May, John. (ed) The Greenpeace Book of Dolphins
  • McIntyre, Joan. The Delicate Art of Whale Watching
  • McIntyre, Joan (ed) Mind in the Waters
  • McNally, Robert. So Remorseless a Havoc
  • Montagu, Ashley, and John C. Lilly. The Dolphin in History
  • Montgomery, Sy. Journey of the Pink River Dolphin: an Amazon quest
  • National Audubon Society. Field Guide to North American Fishes, Whales & Dolphins
  • National Geographic Society. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
  • Nayman, Jacqueline. Whales, Dolphins and Man
  • Nelson, Robert Lyn. Underwater Fantasies
  • Nollman, Jim. Dolphin Dreamtime [signed]
  • Nollman, Jim. The Charged Border: where whales and humans meet
  • Norris, Kenneth S. The Porpoise Watcher
  • Norris, Kenneth S. Dolphin Days
  • Norris, K. S., B. Würsig, Randall S. Wells, and Melany Würsig, with Shannon M. Brownlee, Christine Johnson, and Jody Solow. The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin
  • O'Barry, Richard. Behind the Dolphin Smile
  • Payne, Roger. Among Whales.
  • Perrin, William E. Variations of Spotted and Spinner Porpoise (Genus Stenella) in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and Hawaii
  • Pryor, Karen. Lads Before the Wind
  • Pryor, Karen, and Kenneth S. Norris, eds. Dolphin Societies: Discoveries and Puzzles.
  • Ridgway, Sam. The Dolphin Doctor
  • Rose, Tom. Freeing The Whales: how the media created the world's greatest non-event
  • Sagan, Carl. The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence.
  • Small, George L. The Blue Whale
  • Smolker, Rachel. To Touch a Wild Dolphin.
  • Stenuit, Robert. The Dolphin; cousin to man
  • Stewart, Frank (ed) The Presence of Whales
  • St. John, Patricia. The Secret Language of Dolphins
  • Sylvestre, Jean-Pierre Dolphins & Porpoises; a worldwide guide
  • Taylor, Scott. Souls in the Sea
  • Whitehead, Hal. Voyage to the Whales
  • Wilkes, Tim, ed. Project Interspeak
  • Winn, Howard > & Bori L. Olla, eds. Behavior of Marine Animals: Current perspectives in research Volume 3: Cetaceans
  • Wyllie, Timothy. Dolphins, ETs & Angels
  • Wyllie, Timothy. Dolphins, Telelpathy & Underwater Birthing
  • Zahn, Kara. Whales
(alphabetical by title)
  • Above the Lower Sky, Tom Dietz.
  • Animorphs: The Message, K. A. Applegate.
  • Animorphs: The Mutation, K. A. Applegate.
  • Cachalot, Alan Dean Foster.
  • The Day of the Dolphin, Robert Merle.
  • Deep Range, Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Deep Wizardry, Diane Duane.
  • Dolphin, the (Story of a Dreamer), Sergio Bambaren.
  • Dolphin Diaries: Into the Blue, Ben Baglio.
  • Dolphin Island: A Story of the People of the Sea, Arthur C. Clarke.
  • Adepts vs. Inepts, Terrill Miles Burke. (2nd of Dolphin Magic Series)
  • Dolphins of Altair, Margaret St. Clair.
  • Daughters of the Dolphin, Roy Meyers. (book 2 of Dolphin Trilogy)
    Destiny and the Dolphins, Roy Meyers. (book 3 of Dolphin Trilogy)
  • Easy Travel to Other Planets, Ted Mooney.
  • Falling for a Dolphin, Heathcote Williams.
  • The Godwhale, T. J. Bass.
  • Heaven's Reach, David Brin.
  • Home from the Shore, Gordon R. Dickson.
  • Infinity's Shore, David Brin.
  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.
  • Involution Ocean, Bruce Sterling.
  • Into the Deep, Ken Grimwood.
  • Key Out of Time, Andrew Norton.
  • The Last Whales, Lloyd Abbey.
  • Lethe, Tricia Sullivan.
  • The Prince of Whales: A Fantasy Adventure, R.L. Fisher
  • A Ring of Endless Light, Madeleine L'Engle.
  • Rocheworld, Robert L. Forward.
  • The Secret Oceans, Betty Ballantine.
  • Sounding, Hank Searls.
  • The Sounding Stillness, Kenneth Von Gunden.
  • The Space Swimmers, Gordon R Dickson.
  • Starchild Trilogy, Frederick Pohl and Jack Williamson.
    (which includes:)
    Reefs of Space
    Rogue Star
  • Starship and Haiku, Somtow Sucharitkul.
  • Startide Rising, David Brin.
  • Sundiver, David Brin.
  • The Twilight Seas: A Blue Whale's Journey, Sally Carrighar.
  • The Uplift War, David Brin.
  • Whalesong Trilogy, Robert Siegel:
    White Whale
    The Ice at the End of the World: The Longest Journey
  • World of Ptavvs, Larry Niven.
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