The Entrance Room

You are standing in a relatively modestly sized room; a small fountain in the shape of a dolphin sits in the center along with a wire sculpture of a dragon. Hallways lead off to the SouthEast, East, NorthEast, North, and West. The sign above the Western corridor reads Library, above the East..2D Visual Art. Beside the library is a Comics Den. The NorthEast hallway's sign is Fiber Arts Studio. (spinning, weaving, knitting, &c.), and the hallway seems newly opened. The Northern hallway sign reads Interactive Fiction!. In the NorthWest corner of the room is a table showcasing polymer clay sculptures. The SouthEastern corridor leads to a music studio.

At the moment, the place seems empty, although it has a well-cared for feel--as if someone visits often, checking on things and caring for the little museum. A sign sits beside the fountain:

"Welcome! This is the entrance room to Julia's art gallery, a showcase for her creative endeavors."

[Wireframe dragon.]Cyberdrac3 by E(lipse, 10/30/95
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