Seeker and Oracle

Cats were my first true love of the animal world, when I was very young. It was years before we had our own, and that happened rather by accident. A starving orange tabby cat wandered into our yard, and our parents consented to us caring for it outside. Outside gradually became inside after Rusty had a fight with a wild cat and needed to be brought into the basement to heal up, and slowly worked his way upstairs as well, until eventually he'd gone from not being allowed in to not being allowed out.

I think my youthful attentions were too much for Rusty, who never really took to me, though he remained a cherished member of the family well into his old age. We all mourned when we lost him to cancer, but none of us could consider the house quite a home without a cat. Many months later, when a friend rescued two orange tabby kittens from the pound, we were very interested. We came to visit them and pick one, a cuddly little ball of fur that we eventually named Seeker. The other kitten had worked his charms on us as well, however, and it was only a day or two before we'd gone back and brought him home. Seeker and Oracle aren't related--Oracle is about four months older--but they've grown up together and get along well.

Oracle is soft and silky and covered with dark orange swirls. He has a big "O" on his side, big round eyes with the pupils constantly dialated, and a tail that curls all the way around. He's our circle cat. He's very vocal and demanding of attention, and he gets jealous easily, but he's a sweetheart. He walks a little funny, and always has--we think he might have some nerve damage to his back legs and tail, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain and can get around easily. He's a sweetie.
[Oracle peers] [Oracle table] [Oracle basket] [Oracle sitting] [Oracle cardboard box] [Oracle cat]
Seeker is the kitten that never grew up. He's built compactly, all soft and furry with a tail that sticks straight out behind him. He purrs constantly, and is surprisingly strong. He can jump about seven feet high from a standstill. Most of the time though, he sleeps. He sleeps long and hard, most of the day and night. He loves warm places and he's very cuddly at times. He can be kind of dumb, but he's my baby.
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