[Warping board against bookcase]

This table is covered with pieces of Eclipse's weaving, a photo album, 4 harness table loom, and drop spindle.

I started learning to weave from a friend, Tina W., when I was in gradeschool so I've been doing it for some time. It's not my primary means of creative expression though, and it's not really something that I do very often (once or twice a year), but I find it enjoyable.


[I wear my white shirt]

Here I model a white cotton shirt and scarf II.

Doll Blanket
This was one of my first projects.. I must've been about seven or eight years old. It's a dollblanket and matching pillow for my American Girls dolls ... I picked the colors and did the planning and warped the loom myself/with help from my weaving teacher. I think the yarn is cotton, and there are sparkly bits mixed in with the green stripes. Plainweave.

[Close up]

[Zoomed out]

[One end]
. . . Scarf I
This is a pink lace weave scarf. Acrylic?. . .
[Close up]

[Close up]

Scarf II
I did this scarf/sash on my table loom. Did all the planning and warping and weaving on my own, and liked how it turned out. I wear this as a sash sometimes, and use it to tie back my hair. I think the yarn is a rayon-cotton mix, loose and bumpy. Plainweave.

[End and tassles]
Scarf III
Marino and Angora--specifically, wool from Dreamer, one of my English Angora rabbits. This placed 1st in the Jr Division of the Bethel Sheep Festival Fiber Arts Competition. Basketweave.

[Close up]

Overshot I
This was my first overshot piece. I like it..

[Close up]

[End and fringe]

[Close up]
Wove this for a vest for my dad.
Peach pillow [Peach pillow on blue couch]
Baby Blanket for David [Rusty cat and blanket on bed]
You can read a description of my experience making this. As soon as I find it again.
Red chenille. I cut this warp a long time ago, and it got hopelessly tangled before it went on the loom, so I bundled it up in a bag and it sat there for several years. Spring 2002 I found it and put it on the loom and wove it into this.

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