Knitting & Crochet

This table is covered with pieces of Eclipse's knitting and crocheting, yarn, knitting needles, and beads.

I really love knitting--it's so portable and versatile, and it's great to have something I can do while I'm talking to someone without being impolite.


[I model under a tree]

Here I model a pink sleeveless shirt that I knit out of some lovely cotton yarn.

Rainbow hat
[Rainbow hat, black background]
This was the very first thing that I knit. I lost the original on a plane and made another. This hat also turned out to be my first commission (yes, I take commissions -- happily!). It's colorful and cozy, done in pebble stitch.
[Green potholder on counter]
Another early project, made with the same green cabeled cotton used for David's baby blanket (see weaving). It's double sided, the squares being sewn together back to back. The edges are crocheted. It's seen plenty of use, and keeps hands quite cool.
Mini Scarf
I made this during a road trip through California. I had just finished the pink shirt and needed something to do sitting in the back of the car, so I bought the cheapest ball of yarn I could find at the mega-store we stopped at and knit all of it into this. I attached a button that I happened to have. It can be a collar or a short scarf or a kerchief of sorts or something of a belt. As it happened, I was glad that I made it a few days after I finished when I came down with a cold and my sore nose needed protection from the dry winds of January. The yarn is acrylic and designed for baby things -- white, with multicolored flecks of pastel.
[Mini scarf, black background]

Knit out of white cabeled cotton. Sees daily use, works very well. Smells like soap now.

[Washcloth and tile]
[Bonnet, black background]
[I model cape, bonnet]
This rustic little piece was an attempt to make some use out of my very first attempt at spinning. The yarn is handspun 2-ply sheep's wool (coarse stuff from a non-fiber breed of sheep. The sheep's name was ), spun by me on a wooden low-whorl drop spindle. I started knitting it in basket stitch just to see if I could work with it. I made a rectangle and decided to add ties. It's scratchy, but it actually looks kind of cute (although I wouldn't be surprised if some day someone walked up to me when I was wearing it and exclaimed "What is that thing on your head?").
Dice Bag with dice (Feb. 2002)
A birthday present for James, who's an avid RPer.
The dice are polyclay, sanded and tested.
I crocheted the bag out of red chenille.
[Dice w/ bag]
Hair tie.
Beads handmade of polyclay.
Structure crocheted of white cotton.
[Hair scrunchie w/ beads]

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