[Seeker cat and Dreamer bunny]

[Julia & Cloud bunny]

I ended up with English Angora Rabbits as an outgrowth of my interest in fiber arts. I got three originally, two brothers, the albino Cloud and the grey Dreamer, along with the darker gray Matilda. Matty died a week after she came into my care, but Cloud and Dreamer were fine.

I later acquired two firey red sisters, naming them Lady Amber and Athena. Athena was firey in her temper as well as in her lustrous wool, and would readily attack, with claws and teeth, anyone who came within her personal space.

My cat, Seeker, adores the rabbits and seems to think that they belong to him. Whenever they're out, he follows them around, purring and trying to rub against them and lick them.

A door leads back back.