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An Active Mind Julieclipse's 24-hour comic. Semi-fictional, semi-autobiographical, semi-informational. See the world through my eyes on a day out on and about in Sarasota. It also has squid.

What If: a sentimental web comic. Like it says.

Three A.M. -- what, this never happens to you?

My favorite off-line comics: pretty much everything you would expect, including: Krazy Kat <3, Jim Woodring's stuff (JIM and Frank), Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles, V for Vendetta, The Watchmen, Finder, Scott McCloud's two nonfiction books, Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Rose is Rose, Boondocks, Foxtrot, Life in Hell, Doonesbury, This Modern World, Sailor Moon manga, Acme Novelty Library (well, I'm not sure I can say that I like it so much as that I can't resist reading it at the same time I loathe it).


  • Scott McCloud has an occassionally updated site full of intriguing ideas.
  • SinFest - Tatsuya Ishida rocks my world. This strip is hip, inspiring, and full of style. Probably my favorite web comic strip.
  • Ozy & Millie - D. C. Simpson has created an involving, believable world. This is a web strip in the same league as "Calvin & Hobbes" and "Bloom County." My other favorite.
  • Sluggy Freelance - one of the first popular webcomics, Sluggy has quite a following. The strip has grown and changed dramatically since it first started.
  • Venus Envy - A delightfully drawn and strikingly personal & honest strip, yet also full of bizarre things, and also really funny. Good all around, and the best strip I've every seen dealing with trans issues. Drawn by a friend of mine from college (and stick figure weeks have been drawn by another friend of mine from college)
  • Cat and Girl - It's all so very true.
  • Sunfall: geek girl comics for the hoi polloi. My friend Tia's new creation. She seems to have stopped updating it recently.
  • Diesel Sweeties a charming strip about a girl and her robot. Be warned--the artwork is very repetitive.

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