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Explore the text adventure game that I wrote! Visit the official home page of the epic game Dragons in Chocolate Land.

Interactive Fiction (IF) or Text Adventure Games are games where you interact with a text based world by typing in commands. They are something like single-player MUDs (or rather, MUDs are like multi-player IF!).

Adventure Games as a genre are characterized by being object-based and storyline driven. The puzzles that you encounter involve interacting with your environment, often finding unique items. They lack the repetitious fighting, level building, and interchangable items found in Role Playing Games like Final Fantasy. The puzzles are not cerebral or abstract as in puzzle games such as Myst. They do not rely on reflexes in the way that arcade games, like Ms. Pacman or Crazy Taxi do.

Adventure Games as a genre are now virtually gone.

Almost all IF can be considered adventure games. Likewise, some of the most endearing adventure games of all time were the graphical series produced by Sierra On-Line. Kings Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, and many others. A few other companies produced adventure games as well, particularly notable are Legend of Kyrandia and Loom.



Adventure Gaming:

  • SPAG - the Society for the Promotion of Adventure Gaming

My Favorite IF
Of course I am a big fan of the classic Zork series.

Sunset Over Savannah is a charming and lovely game.

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