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I wrote and coded a text adventure game called Dragons in Chocolate Land (DCL for short). The earliest form of DCL was coded on Christmas Eve 1997. The bulk of the game was coded the following year, although the finishing touches were added only recently.

This is the first official release, v. 1.0.

Dragons in Chocolate Land is a cheerful, fun-filled story about a lonely and poetic teenage geekboy who suddenly finds himself alone in a fluffy fantasy land, instead of his suburban bedroom. You can read the introduction here.

I included as many details as I could. A variety of actions and commands will work. Realistic details include a time system with different things happening during the day, at night, and over time. There are temperature changes, and the water behaves fairly realistically. I am particularly proud of the central NPC (Non-Player Character). She's adorable, and really versatile.

Make friends amongs the dragons! Discover mystical chocolate deep in the heart of Chocolate Land! Do some oldschool computer geek gaming! ...and hey, let me know what you think.

Read the Instructions for DCL
Read the Introduction from DCL

Download the DCL game files in a .zipped packet
Download the DCL game files individually
E-mail me (naia AT geocities.com) for the source code.

Running DCL:

DCL runs on DOS. When I originally wrote the game, the vast majority of computers could run it. Times have changed. It may take some tinkering to get DCL and other DOS games to run on your modern computer, if they work at all.

I am currently running Windows XP, and I can run DCL just fine with a free DOS emulation program called DOSBox.

DOSBox Homepage

Please write in and tell me what platform you're running DCL on and how. Or alternatively, if you can't get it to run, write to me and I'll try to find a solution.

DCL Fan Art!
Send me your DCL inspired art and see it here!


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