Not Back To School Camp! One of the happiest phrases in the English language. Pity the event it describes now occurs when I am in fact going back to school, but fortunately, it's already given me friends and memories to last a lifetime. Want to learn more about it? Click here!

I attended the second annual NBTSC, which was held in 1997. A year later I attended the session one of the third annual NBTSC, in 1998. I remain a regular on the camp IRC server and on the NBTSC wikiwikiweb. I visited several people that I knew from camp when I went to San Francisco in 2002 and took a little side trip up to Oregon. Camp is where I met one of my best friends (Platypus) and a remarkable friend-for-life (and ex-romantic partner; "subtext").

Check out my collection of NBTSC photos! Taken by me and by other people (I scanned the prints and hosted the images way back when, and here they remain), these are from 1998.