The Venue

The ceremony will take place at North Lido Beach, Sarasota Florida. This beach is located on Lido Key, just past St. Armands Circle. Lido beach has a public facility with a large (400 space) parking lot. This facility is located about a quarter mile walk from North Lido Beach. North Lido Beach is located next to a beautiful nature preserve and is generally the least populated section of the beach; this is why we chose it. Parking is also available along the road, in a few small lots near North Lido Beach, and at St. Armands. St. Armands is a shorter walk to North Lido Key.

Lido is the closest beach to New College, and thus the one we have most often visited. Julia stayed on the beach when she came to Sarasota for the first time to see New College. St. Armands is on the way to Mote Marine Labs. We walked there more than once, and this beach is where we made our first sand sculptures.

A certain casual aspect must come along with a beach wedding. We would like to encourage our guests to dress comfortably. We would like to discourage anyone from wearing high-heels or anything that might be damaged by a bit of sand. We will try to provide some parasols and lots of sunscreen, but you should bring your own as well. If possible, come prepared for the sun with items such as sunglasses and hats. Insects are not a concern, and the beach is very clean.

In case of rain, the ceremony will take place indoors at College Hall.

[Front of College Hall]

The reception will be held at College Hall, on the New College campus in Sarasota. College Hall is often rented for weddings and events. Part of the old Ringling Estate, this pink marble building overlooks Sarasota Bay. We can expect to see a beautiful sunset there. Parking is available in front of College Hall and the adjacent Cook Hall. The building and the area around it are very scenic. There is a well-kept rose garden between Cook and College Hall, and the Bayfront boasts a lovely sturdy climbing tree and several benches. Indoors is a music room with a grand piano and an old organ and much floor space, and two main rooms. Wide windows give a marvelous view of the Bay.

New College classes and events are often held in and around College Hall, and we have many happy memories of the area.

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