The Theme

There are four guiding and unifying principles for the wedding affair.

The ocean. The wedding will be on the beach and the ocean is important to both of us. Much artistic inspiration can be found in shells and sand and fish and dolphins.
Environmental soundness. We want a healthy world to grow old together in and to bring children into. We have tried to minimize the damage that our celebration will do to our world.
Personal involvement. We are talented, creative individuals with talented, creative families and friends. We feel that personal involvement in everything from making the invitations, to weaving the flower girls' baskets, to writing the vows, to baking and decorating the cake, will make the ceremony and reception more vibrant and meaningful. We are very grateful to know so many people who are willing and able to contribute so much. This will not be a store-bought celebration, and we gladly accept any problems and "imperfections" that may come along with that choice; we know they will be accompanied by beauty and enjoyment.
Reasonable expense. It would be absurd to celebrate the beginning of our new life together by putting ourselves in debt. Julia does not need or want to spend $800 on a dress she will wear once. We will work creatively to keep costs down, without being cheap. Don't worry, the reception buffet will have enough good food for all of us!

So in short, you can expect to see things like lovely wedding invitations with dolphins and seashells on them, put together by Tina C-W., Julia, and Ryan, and printed on recycled paper.

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