The Ceremony & Reception Schedule

Saturday May 31st

3:00 --Wedding Ceremony
North Lido Beach
3:30 --Photographs
With the party and friends
4:30 --Reception
New College, College Hall
7ish --Informal Party
New College, College Hall
8:22 --
College Hall Bayfront
Always a lovely sight

The ceremony will begin at 3:00 in the afternoon. Show up between 2:20 and 2:50, as practical. The ceremony will last between 20 and 30 minutes. Official photographs will be taken at 3:30 or immediately following the ceremony. If you are not in the wedding party, you are very welcome to leave for College Hall at this time. Formal wedding photography is not very exciting.

Although we hope it will not take that long, we will schedule half an hour for the photographs, and plan to leave Lido and head to the reception at 4:00. Giving us 20 minutes to drive to College Hall, the official reception will begin at 4:30, or whenever we manage to get there.

We hope to mingle with you all for a while. We plan to cut the cake around 5:00. This will be followed by the first dance. At this point you can leave without feeling like you've missed anything.

The official ceremony will end between 6:00 and 6:30. The bride will toss her bouquet. We will "leave" so that you can take pictures and throw birdseed at us. Then, unorthodox creatures that we are, we will come back.

After the reception will be an informal party starting around 6:45 where we will dance like crazy and listen to more music, nibble on the remaining food, watch the sun set (at 8:22), visit with very-seldom seen friends, be relieved that we pulled the whole thing off, etc. We have the building to ourselves until midnight, and we intend to use it, and even help clean up at the end. This later party is entirely optional. If you want to party late into the night, you're welcome to stay. If you want to get a healthy amount of sleep, if you have small children, if you have a plane to catch in the early a.m., if you don't really like weddings that much anyway... you're welcome to leave! We want you all to be happy, healthy, and sane.