Gift Registry

This link used to go directly to our on-line registry at

I was trying to be all subtle and Miss-Manners like. You know, we're not supposed to talk about this greedy materialistic stuff, just coyly make it available.

Since then I've heard, indirectly and directly, a few comments about the registry. Apparently it doesn't work quite right on all computers. C'est la web. I take pride in the pages that I write, although I my self have had some compatibitilty problems. I did not write Felicite's page, and I do not know what compatibility issues they have. They do use some java, so if your web browser has problems with javascript, that might cause problems. (Looks like they also use Cold Fusion, but that is server-side and thus not likely to cause conflicts).

We chose Felicite because they offer a good service. We didn't want a registry that would just benefit a few large chain corporations. We like their flexibility, their partial purchase option, and the option of putting little descriptions next to the gifts. Registries are also useful because they keep people from (oops) getting the same thing (often getting several of something is great... but one really only needs ONE bread machine).

Some people apparently think that gift registries are impersonal. Really, registries are just suggestions. They're a convenience, and they're especially useful to people who only know one of us, or to people who are traveling a long way to get here, or people who might not be able to make it.

We don't care what you get us! If you're reading this page, it's probably because you've been invited to our wedding. If we have invited you to our wedding, it is because you are very, very special to one or both of us. You are family, or practically family, or good cherished friends. Your presense in our lives and support of our dreams and plans is the best gift we could ask for.

So, aside from the above commentary, this page is a response to someone who wanted suggestions for gifts, but wasn't thrilled about the registry. So if you want to get us something that you know we'll like, but without necessarily having us give you the make, model & color... if you love going to stores and shopping for presents, but want some suggestions... here you are:

Bicycle bits! We are both commuter cyclists. Quality bike gear will be appreciated pretty much every day! Odometers would be fun to have. Quality (won't rust) bells will keep us from accidentally running over pedestrians. Baskets and (ooooh) panniers will allow us to bring stuff with us. Reflective tape is always useful. And so on, and so on. Decorative bits are good too.

Computer bits & other gadgets! Everyone loves computers and gadgets. Ryan has a Mac G3 desktop. It has a floppy drive. It doesn't have USB ports. Julia has a new Dell laptop. It has USB ports. Fun software, geeky gadgets & peripherals. Write us a program. Extra memory cartridges for the digital camera. Whatever.

Personal things We love home-made things. No, really, we're not just saying that. We're a couple of sentimental DIY-hards. And we know we have talented friends! Knit, paint, weave, write, metal-work, sculpt, book-bind, program, spin, sew, videotape, or woodwork us something. Or just give us a couple discs full of your favorite MP3s.

Books & DVDs Duh.

If you've looked at the registry, you've noticed a sort of eco-friendly-thing preference. Some eco-friendly shopping resources are available at Julia's Greenlist.

There's also a $4.5 million submarine we're just dying to own!

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