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Saturday, July 28, 2001
[Transcribed 28 July 2001 from a pink marbled writing book. Wow, this was over ten years ago.]

Julia’s Diary
Julia Orth

May 15th, Wed. 1991 - I am 9 years old
I got up late this morning but Michael was so slow I got done first. Then we drove to school. I read while we where driving. We got to school in time for morning day care. Ashley came right after me. I showed Ashley some crystals. Ashley started playing that the crystals where in love with each other. Alex came and I got out a rubix pyramid that I had done. Michael started chaseing me trying to get the crystals. Then Ashley wanted a crystal to keep and I said no and she started chaseing me. Morning care was over then and my crystals where safe. Everyone started ariving then. I showed Andrew my puzzle and he messed it up. He tried to get it back the way it was but couldn’t. I grabed the puzzle away from him and started working on it while people where ariving instead of making a map of Mexico. when every one was there it was math time. Just befor we went to math Mrs. Frankie gave us a big banner to sign. It was for Mrs. Claybocker it was her last day here. After I signed the banner I got my math book and the paper inside. I went to math class with David and Max (I have a crush on David). The paper I had in my math book was not my home work. I went to get my home work, scraping my leg on some ons boom box on the way. In math we learned how to subtract fractions. We finished our work early and I played a game with tiles. Then I played Orgon Trail on the computer with David. Then I wached David and Max play battle ship. They didn’t finish the game because it was time for reading. I did my map of Mexico, listend to Mrs. Frankie read and read The prince and the _____ to my self. I like reading. Then we did work in our flights work book. Next we had lunch. Andrew, and Ryan, and I had a juce fight during lunch. We all got wet. After lunch was reces Ryan was in detention for a few minutes but that was all. I took my puzzle out to reaces and Ashley tried to get it. Andrew came to me. He hid the puzzle in tall grass, green side up when Ashley wasn’t looking. Andrew told me to tell no one not even Ryan where it was. Ryan came out then and I showed him where the puzzle was. Ryan and I started talking. When Andrew came back he told us he had hidden the puzzle some where else. Ryan and I ran off to look for it. We found it in a big pach of tall grass like a tiny jungle. I spent the rest of reacess fighting and escaping. Ashley must have been mad because she threw a speacil ring that we had played with together it bounced out of school property lost to us forever. Reacess was over and it was time for P. E. I put my puzzle away and went to P.E. We played baseball. I hit the ball every time and got to first base every time but one. We won. Next was music. We played Trivia Persuit with music questions we had made. I was on a team with Chris and Andrew. Then we read, did Mexico, and did limerics. we made one like this.

[blank lines, never filled in]

It’s good but not very funny. We also read some limericks. School was over but I stayed in after school daycare. We had popcorn for snack, and then we went out and played baseball. I don’t know if my team won because I left befor the game was over. We went home and I play Paper Boy on the computer. I ate dinner and then played Paper Boy some more. Fineally I did home work and played chekers with dad. Last I wrote in my diary, read, and went to bed. It was a nice day but David still dosn’t love me.

[the “o” in “love” is a little heart. The entry spans pages 1 - 12, all of which are numbered. It is written in cursive with a pencil. Spelling was left unchanged]
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Friday, June 15, 2001

Green Party's bike sticker reading "One Less Car": free

Squeeze bottle with water filter: $7.00

like-new 10 speed dual use bike: $60.00

Being able to tell the auto and soda industries exactly where they can stick it: priceless.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Well, it's summer. I have a little tiny room all my own that I don't have to pay rent on. No job. No school. No money. I'm very happy. It's surprising how quickly I fell back into my school-free rhythm. I'm working on some projects for Professor Bauer. I'm studying organic chemistry (yes, still) every day. I'm learning shorthand and blissymbolics. Playing the piano again. Ryan and I go swimming frequently, and sit by the bay under the stars every night. We watch movies from the library. I'm doing tons of summer reading. We're both regaining/keeping in touch with distant friends. Soon I'll get a little job of some kind and earn a little money and use it for things like an Open Glyph site. For now though, I'm content.
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Monday, May 28, 2001

195 Fluoride facts, horror stories and cover-ups

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Saturday, May 19, 2001

Projects to work on

  • Instar

  • The Open Glyph Project

  • On-line involvement ratings

  • RevolutionMUCK

  • Shopping Cart Reclamation

  • Lighting code

  • Ridesharing Registry

  • Lathe Biosis

  • Unschooling C?

  • Dragons in Chocolate Land

  • Hydrophone

  • IguanaCog

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A recipe for Pita bread & hummus:

Yeast (you don't need much)
Wheat flour (I prefer organic)
All-purpose flour (I prefer organic)
Oil (I prefer olive oil)
Chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans, dry or canned. I prefer the former.)
Tahini (or sesame seeds & oil, to make your own)
Lemon juice

A blender. Makes the hummus a lot easier to do.

One of my favorite meals. Yummy, cheap, filling, fun and easy to make (plus lots of people don't know how to make it and will be impressed).

Fill a nice bowl with 2.5c really warm water. Add 1t yeast, stir, and add 2.5c wheat flour. Stir (same direction). This is called the "sponge." Cover with something, and let it sit for 30 min - 8 hours, as your schedule allows.

If using uncooked chick peas, set in water to soak.

Put uncooked chickpeas in pot, cover very well with water, leave to boil. Be sure to replace water as needed or the hummus will taste like charcoal. You can also use canned chickpeas... Chickpeas are done when they are very soft--their outside coverings will have slipped off and be floating around with them. Takes roughly 3 hours, but keep an eye on them.

Sprinkle 1T salt then 1T oil (olive) over sponge. Stirring in same direction add all purpose flour until dough is moderately firm and elastic with a slight sheen. Takes about 10 minutes of kneading. Place in clean dry bowl coated with oil. Lightly coat dough in oil as well. Cover, and leave to rise to double.

If making tahini, toast sesame seeds lightly--spread out on cookiesheet and place in preheated 350F oven for ten minutes, turning often.

Dough can be placed in closed container/plastic wrap and stored in fridge for up to a week, if you like. If it's dinner time, either preheat a cookie sheet (air-layered baking sheet works best, if you have one... if you want to be really fancy, line the oven with quarry tiles (for Martha Stewart perfection, use an actual tiled oven)) or heat up a skillet/griddle, lightly oiled. Divide dough into 16ths and roll out into flat circles. The rounder they are, the better the pockets will be. Should be less than a quarter inch thick. Bake in oven for about five minutes, or on griddle, also for about five minutes. Pockets form magically on their own, if circles are fairly round and heating is fairly even.

If making tahini, blend toasted sesame seeds with small amounts of oil on high setting. Harder than it sounds, but don't worry about cleaning out the blender, since you'll make your hummus in there.

Put a third cup of water and an equal amount of lemon juice in blender. Add tahini (quarter cup ish), clove of garlic, seasonings. Very slowly add chickpeas, preferably while blender is on. Blend on high. Continue to flavor as needed. Add more water if it's too thick. Etc.
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Thursday, May 10, 2001

Welcome to Spirit Tribe - Home School, Un-School, Home Learning, Web Site!

I've found a community! Right here in Sarasota! They were just started last fall. They have meetings and outings and picnics and an e-mail list. I'm quite excited. :)
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