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a*. But.
a*da*-.  Future prefix.
a*ka`aka.  To laugh happily with amusement. (hwn)
`a.  Suffix meaning "with the intent to please", usually used with
 adjectives, can be used with verbs.
-aa.  Words ending in -aa carry a note of respect or reverence.
akeakamai.  Desire to learn, the pleasure of discovering new things. (hwn)
at.  Or, when either of the options is acceptable, but not both.
a`ya`i.  Hawaii rare. More commonly just said and spelled "Hawai`i".
a`ape. To care about, love as a friend. (grk)
be.  Yes/no question marker.
bela.  Yes/no question marker expecting a positive answer.
bepe.  Yes/no question marker expecting a negative answer.
bitha.  To be able to, can. (indo)
ca.  1st person plural/dual possesive of multiple/unknown number objects.
cara*n.  Person, people, creature(s), animal(s), sentient being(s); the kika
ce.  1st person plural/dual possesive of a singular object.
cel.  Warmly bright, as a cozy fire, a summer's day.
ci.  1st person plural/dual possesive of two objects.
cine.  Flushed, to flush, glitter with excitement, pleasure, anticipation.
cinta.  To kiss. (indo)
cokolat.  Chocolate. (eng)
`e.  Suffix meaning "with love, lovingly", not nec. romantic, can be used
 with adjectives, verbs.
eth.  Please; imperative marker. Cannot be used with past or eternal cases.
i.  And.
ik.  In, at, on.
ikae.  Sky, heavens; Cap next reality up, on a higher plain.
ka*kpun.  Not, negative.
kaeth. What.  Used only in questions.
ka`i. To swim.
kekalala.  To understand, as feelings, true knowledge; to have a 
 (literal) empathic connection with.
kena.  To work, craft, make.  -ken.  A suffix meaning "to work on" or 
 "craft".  oleloken, language-craft.
kewl.  See qul. (eng)
ki. Small, little, tiny.
kika.  A specific part of a reality directly parallel to ours, base-home of
 the kika cara*n.
kika cara*n.  The kikan people.
kika olelo.  The kikam language.
kla.  Plural/unknown 3rd person possesive.
ko-.  Past/Former case prefix.
kore.  To stand.
laka.  Slang. Peace, friendship, goodwill.
lako.  Book.
lal.  long.
lase.  Home, main node; center; origin.
last.  House, dwelling.
le.  Yes.
le`a.  Pleasure.
lela.  Intimate form of a word; to use the intimate form.
lethe.  To be completely lost, forsaken.
li`esi.  To follow, to chase after; to search for.
lii.  1st person pronoun (I, me).
lilaka.la.  To hold, cradle; to protect.
lili.  Breast, nint, all species.
liliperae.  Nipple, nint. Lit., breast-eye.
linael. To sing.
litha`lesi.  Nipple, int. Lit., breast-eye.
litha*naa.  Dolphin (member of the family Delphinidae).
lithya.  Breast, int, all species.
-lo.  Imperfect case suffix.
loa.  Very, intently, can be used with anything. (hwn)
loko.  Within. (hwn)
lon Single, only, the only thing; last one left.
lona.  To look at.
lorr.  Shape, form.
mik`me.  To like, enjoy.
mile, mile`i.  Music without words, musical.
me.  about, concerning; with.
moqe.  Scales (as a reptile), nint. Regional.
mora.  To want
na.  1st person possesive for multiple or unknown objects
na`i.  Bright, clever.
nai`a.  Slang dolphin, porpoise.
nai`aken. Slang love play, romantic cuddling, to do such.
ne.  1st person possesive for a singular object; question marker, emphasizing a question.
nelth.  Swear marker. Cannot be used alone.  May be used with any word, with
 varying meanings.  When used with an intimate body-term, this is the
 ultimate offense. Using it with "love" words would be worse, but no Kikan has ever
 concieved of such a thing to this date.
nelthana.  To hurt, swear, wrong, do wrong, violate.
ni.  1st person possesive for two objects.
nia.  Affectionate first person possesive, can be used for plural, singular or dual objects.
niilasi, nilasi.  To love. (srs)  The musical version is still recognized.
nika.  Name, to give one's name.
nine.  1.  To do also, to do back.  nine lona, looks back. (as in return to someone
 looking first)  2. Mirror.
nir.  1. Thin, skinny; 2. close call; reality portal that's just about to close.
oke.  OK, okay. (eng)
olelo.  Language (hwn)
olu`olu.  Kewl, pleasant, nice.  (hwn)
ora.  Food
ora`a.  Slang chocolate.
oraken. To prepare food, cook, bake.
oya.  2nd person singular pronoun "you". (hwn?)
paana.  To touch, especially romantically.
perae.  Eye, nint.
plesae.  Eye, int.
poku.  1.  Rock.  2. Boring, dull.
pora*.  Hand, nint.
pora*qa.  Hand, int.
pre.  Slow, slowly, carefully; to pay attention to.
pun.  No.
pure.  Nonintimate form of a word, to use the nonintimate form.
qae-.  Parallel case prefix.
qe  Soft, smooth; gentle. qe`a  Gentle with the explicite intent to please.
qeqela.  Picture, image.  nine-qeqela - mirror, Lit., image back.
qul.  Slang Cool, kewl, neat, a-good-thing. Also kewl. (eng)
raeka.  Scales, int.
rinini.  Good, right.
riqe.  To nip once and release.
riz.  Unnaturally bright, glaring, opressive.
sanaloko.  1.  Creativity, imagination  2.  Purity. Lit., art within.
se`e.  Clear, transparent, sparkling; sweetly delicious.
se`eikae.  Wonder, to feel such.  Lit., Clear skies.
sela.  Hello.
seslitokaa.  Dragon; royalty; minor god/goddess.
seslita.  Draconic, dragon-like; powerful, see seslitokaa.
silka, &ina-silka.  To exist in all realities.
silkaka. To exist (in some reality).
silkatee. To exist (in this reality).
sita.  Tail, nint.
slala.  to lick.
slaethana.  To slither. (eng)
slika.  Tail, int.
so`lane.   To massage, rub.
soza*.  Fantastic, excellent, far-out, kewl...
&ana.  To do.
&ina.  To smile, to be happy.
ta.  Third person singular pronoun, he/she/it.
tani.  Pretty.
tata.  That.
tate.  This.
tee.  Here, at this place.
teli.  Hair, as on the head, int. Generally used with plural-form possesives.
telaen.  Hair, as on the head, nint. Generally used with plural-form possessives.
ter.  "Or" when both of the options are acceptable together as well as individually.
tha.  Plural/unknown 2nd person possesive.
the.  Sing 2nd person possesive.
thi.  Dual 2nd person possesive.
tiazilorae.  To realmstravel, reality hop; a realmstraveler, the ability to
 realmstravel.  Derived from Tika zilorae, to dream of realities.
ti`i.  To say.
tika.  All, everything. (Cap) All of a reality, a universe.
tile.  any.
tre.  Unnaturally dark, dim; opressive; unhealthy.  Cf. zrin.
uuya.  1.  Silly, goofy, funny.  2.  A joke, to joke.
zaal.  water; also a term of affection.  nia zanai zaal, eth me lii &ina, My beautiful water-treasure, be happy with me.
zana.  Art.
zana`a.  Cuddling, love-making. Lit., art with the intent to please.
zanai.  Beauty, beautiful, derived from zana, art.
zesana.  1.  High on beta-phenethlyamine, to be such; to fall in love 2. to 
 be one with one's partner.  tika zesana.  Fig. to be enlightened, nirvana.
 Lit., to be in love with everything.
zi.  Stative verb marker, placed at the beginning of a stative verb sentence.
zik.  To be at, colloquial.
zilorae.  Dream, to dream.
zizi.  "is" in equational sentences.
zrin.  Cooly dark, dim, as in a cave, a winter evening.  Cf. tre.
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