The Art Gallery

You are in a large, open room. The walls are hung with drawings, sketches, and paintings, in a variety of media. Some of them have small signs beside them. At one end of the room is a large window, letting in natural light. A windowseat sits beside it, along with a table containing a half finished sketch

In an alcove inset in the wall, towards the entrance of the room, is a computer console. The sign above it reads ASCII Art.

Right Wall - Julia/Eclipse's Art
(a doorway leads to her FurryArt Studio)

[Dragon & dolphin Dragon & dolphin Dragon & dolphin Pretty dragoness Pretty dragon.
1. Me 'n' Orca ~ "Turquoise (Orca), as a bottlenose & me as a dragon. Pencil. 12/26/95"
2. Orca & E(lipse in the 'Ocean ~ "Turquoise (Orca), as a bottlenose & me as a dragon. Pencil, pen, watercolor, chalk pastels & acrylic gold. 01/01/96"
3. Eclipse & Turquoise ~ "..Me & Turq, as drawn by me. colored pencil. 02/96"
4. Eclipse II ~ "A stylized picture of me as an attractive dragon. Watercolor. 11/01/97"
5. Turquoise Dragon I ~ "A companion to Eclipse II of Turquoise as an attractive dragon, and made with his help. Watercolor. 12/07/97"

Bottlenose dolphin. Two dolphins. Orca Two dolphins stylized jumping dolphins Two orcas
Smiling dolphin face Common dolphin Rainbow dolphins Dolphin Planet Atlantic Friends
1. Turquoise Dolphin ~ "A rendering of Turquoise as a Tt. Watercolor. 05/19/96"
2. Swimming Together ~ "A pair of dolphins. Watercolor. 04/21/97"
3. Orca at Sunset ~ "..An Orca in a vibrant sunset. Oil pastel. 07/07/96"
4. Two Dolphins off a Beach in an Early Morning Storm ~ "Oil pastel. 01/21/96"
5. Splash ~ "Stylized jumping dolphins. Colored pencil. 07/14/96"
6. Orca Love ~ "..a pair of Orcas. Oil pastel. 08/03/96"
7. Smiling (or "Hello!") ~ "..A Bottlenose Dolphin. Watercolor. 03/04/96"
8. Delphinus Delphis I ~ "Watercolor. 03/07/96"
9. Dolphin Colors ~ "Watercolor. 09/26/96"
10. Dolphin Planet ~ "A little dolphin & rainbow swirls & a planet. Watercolor. 02/17/96"
11.Atlantic Friends ~ "A pair of Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Watercolor."
Dusky dolphin Dolphin face Smile glass Diver and Dolphins
12. Dolphin Spin ~ "A Dusky Dolphin jumping. Colored Pencil. 04/05/96"
13. Laughing ~ "..A Bottlenose Dolphin. Airbrush w/ airbrush paints. 02/13/98"
Rainbow droplet conch shell Nai`a in ocean Sea turtle. Seals
Cherry tree City
1. Promised Land ~ "A rainbowed droplet sea. Watercolor. 02/09/98"
2. Conch Shell ~ "Watercolor. 05/08/96"
3. Southampton Self-Portrait ~ "Watercolor. From photograph. 06/12/98"
4. Green Turtle ~ "Pen & markers on green glossy photograph background. 04/10/97"
5. Seal Dreaming ~ "Oil pastels. 06/11/96"
6. Untitled ~ "Tree; colored pencils. 1994"
Velociraptor Girl on dragon Rainbow scaley dragon Red dragon & chocolate Green dragon Gold dragon.
Sunset Dragon tiles
1. 'Raptor ~ "..A fierce Velociraptor. Watercolor. 11/25/96"
2. Shared Skies ~ "Girl & Dragon. Watercolor. 06/16/97"
3. Rainbow Scales ~ "Brightly colored dragon. Watercolor. 07/13/97"
4. Scarlet And A Very Large Chocolate Chip ~ "..a small & friendly dragon. Colored pencil."
5. Alone in the Snow ~ "A little dragon alone in the snow. Watercolor. 07/24/95"
6. Goldie ~ "A yellow and gold dragon - this was my second attempt at airbrush art. Airbrush w/ "airbrush paints".."
Winged Platypus
1. Winged Platypus ~ "My good friend Platypus. Watercolor and pen. 05/28/99"
sleeping kitty Border collie w/ stars black chicken Tabby cat Brown chicken
1. Oracle ~ "My cat, Oracle. Charcoal. 02/27/98"
2. She Too Is Stardust ~ "My dog, Mercy. Airbrush w/ airbrush paints on coated paper. 03/01/98"
3. Midnight ~ "My brother's chicken Midnight. Acrylics. 09/97"
4. Seeker ~ "My other cat, Seeker. Airbrush w/ airbrush paints on coated paper. 02/21/98"
5. Autumn ~ "Our pet chicken, Autumn. Acrylics on textured plastic 'canvas'. Early 1996"
stars Nebula
1. The Pleiades ~ "Watercolor. 03/28/97"
2. The Trifid Nebula (M20) ~ "Watercolor. 03/22/97"

Mermaid Stone face B & W conch
Window Wall
,Tolen ~ "..(a fox) by Eclipse's friend Peter"

All of the art linked to on this page is copyright its respective artists, and may not be used without permission!
(to ask for said permission, e-mail Eclipse)

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